The Knight's Reflection 
2008 Offspring

Updated: Mar 1, 2015

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ASB Grand National Nominated Sire ~ The Knight's Reflection

Arabian Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated Sire ~ The Knight's Reflection














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Congratulations to John Cahill of Banning, California on the purchase of...
The Radiant Reflection


 2008 Black American Saddlebred Filly 

May 2010-starting long lines-


Extended Pedigree

Quivarro (bl/w) Quiver (bl) CH FoxFire's Prophet (ch)
Bi Mi Charm of the Shadows (bl)
Remember Tropical Gale (ch/w) Chubaso (ch/w)
Mountjoy's Delight (bl)
Broadway Julie (bl)
The New York Times (bl) New Yorker (ch)
Canterbury Lane (bl)
Hello Julia (ch)
Attache (ch)
Mary Barbara (ch)
Liftetime Revival(ch) WGC Revival
WGC Sultan's Santana (ch) Supreme Sultan (ch)
Grand View's Majorette (BHF) (ch)
Amazing Grace  DSF (ch) Supreme Spirit (ch)
Grand View's Country Gal (ch)
Lifetime Dream (ch) Spring Valley's Deliverance  (b) Night of Folly (bl)
Jo Taun (ch)
Lifetime Affair (BHF)  (ch) Genius Bourbon King (ch)
Marie Bosace (BHF) (ch)
Pinnacles Radiant Arrival (ASB)
Avant (bl)
CH Foxfire's Prophet (ch) Radiant Sultan Supreme Sultan
CH Glenview Radiance
CH Supreme Airs (BHF) Stonewall Supreme
Crebilly's Plum Beautiful (BHF)
Bi Mi Charm Of The Shadows (bl)
Carey's Night of Love Night of Folly
Carey Stonewall
Nubian's Indian Maid
Private Contract
Nubian Princess
Radiant Talent (ch) Talent Town (ch) CH Yorktown CH Wing Commander
Oman's Anacacho Maytime (BHF)
CH Chantilly Rose (BHF) Denmark's Bourbon Genius
Anita Le Rose
Sultan's Radiance (BHF) ch) Supreme Sultan Ch Valley View Supreme
Melody O'Lee (BHF)
CH Glenview Radiance Oman's Desdemona Denmark
Dixie Duchess (BHF)