The Knight's Reflection 
2009 Offspring

Updated: Mar 1, 2015

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ASB Grand National Nominated Sire ~ The Knight's Reflection

Arabian Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated Sire ~ The Knight's Reflection














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Goddess Of The Knight

2009 ASB Black Filly

Oct 2010 Offered for sale


Bred and Owned by: Ken and Debbie Waite, Silverton OR

Extended Pedigree

Quivarro (bl/w) Quiver (bl) CH FoxFire's Prophet (ch)
Bi Mi Charm of the Shadows (bl)
Remember Tropical Gale (ch/w) Chubaso (ch/w)
Mountjoy's Delight (bl)
Broadway Julie (bl)
The New York Times (bl) New Yorker (ch)
Canterbury Lane (bl)
Hello Julia (ch)
Attache (ch)
Mary Barbara (ch)
Liftetime Revival(ch) WGC Revival
WGC Sultan's Santana (ch) Supreme Sultan (ch)
Grand View's Majorette (BHF) (ch)
Amazing Grace  DSF (ch) Supreme Spirit (ch)
Grand View's Country Gal (ch)
Lifetime Dream (ch) Spring Valley's Deliverance  (b) Night of Folly (bl)
Jo Taun (ch)
Lifetime Affair (BHF)  (ch) Genius Bourbon King (ch)
Marie Bosace (BHF) (ch)

Smokin' Tonight(ASB)
Commander's Fame and Fortune
(bl & w)
RLB Commander's Wild Love
(bl & w)
HHP Aire Command
(bl & w)
Air Command
Palmer's Easter Rose
Rhonda With Love
(bl & w)
Air Command
Poor Pitiful Pearl
Winterburn Rose (bl & w)
Carnival Spendor (ch) Winter Carnival
Stonewall Pride's Amber
Summer Flame (b)
Black Oman
Indiana Flame
Bi Mi Charm of the Shadows (bl) Carey's Night Of Love (bl) Night of Folly (bl) Society Rex
Gay Emily
Carey Stonewall (br) Genius' Flying Saucer
Stonewalls Kentucky Lady
Nubian's Indian Maid (bl) Private Contract (ch) CH Anacacho Shamrock
Flirtation Walk (BHF)
Nubian Princess (bl) Prince of Genius
Kingham's Indian Princess