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Updated: Mar 1, 2015

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Kit Calafato

4764 Sun Valley Rd

Del Mar, CA   92014


ASB Grand National Nominated Sire ~ The Knight's Reflection

Arabian Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated Sire ~ The Knight's Reflection












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  Why was The Knights Reflection selected for Spotz Farm Pinto breeding program?


Spotz Farm desired to breed better pintos and found a young SOLID colt that fit the ticket.  In the fall of 2005, we purchased a sweet young colt, The Knight's Reflection.  He was very tall and refined with driving hocks, high headed and high tailed.  He had the most beautiful head, ears, classic expression we had ever seen on an American Saddlebred.  With all these wonderful traits....we just could not resist!
  What are some of the major concerns in breeding Pintos?   Breeding pintos is not always easy. We are restricted by DNA.  For to pass on the color gene, you MUST have a pinto parent.  Homozygous pintos have helped to create more opportunity for color, but, not always QUALITY.  If we are to have better PIECES to our puzzle, sometime we have to look outside our Pinto gene pool.  QUALITY is a noble goal for all breeders and not a "given" in the best of breeding programs.
   What are the hopes with adding The Knights Reflection to the Spotz Farm breeding program?

   It is our hope to improve the QUALITY of the foals by creating tall, stretchy, pretty, movers that will market as yearlings due to their size and QUALITY.  Spotz or no Spotz:  Arabian, National Show Horses, Saddlebreds and Friesian/Sporthorse types can benefit from the "Look and Athleticism" of this young colt. Optimize your chances for success and consider The Knights Reflection for your breeding program.